Kofmehl Exterior Rusty Look

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Kofmehl Exterior Rusty Look

The rare surname of the industrialist from Solothurn, known all over Switzerland through radio announcements, may have played a helping role. However, from the business plan it becomes clear that the architects did not rely exclusively on this fact.

Rather, they intended to "create a similar atmosphere in a different location". It thus becomes clear with what the new construction situated in an industrial zone on the periphery of a small town deals.

The multi-coding, typical of minimalist buildings, is still present: the interpretation and use of Solothurn’s history as a city of heavy industry of the Von Roll between Gerlafingen and Choindez, the depressing-provocative image of the barbed wire in the limelight of the floodlights, and the timeless decay.

However, when the infamous fog of Solothurn settles upon the area and the red of the rust merges with the reflection of the lit city, then one gets the impression of a hypnotic effect beyond the semantic fields. This effect is so strong that one believes to be able to commence a discussion with the Heinz Isler tennis hall lying in the dark, on the tasks and possibilities of architecture