Social Housing

6 Residential Houses in Pahkli Street, Tallinn, Estonia by Jvr Arhitektuuribüroo

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Within then minutes drive from Tallinn city centre, is the Maarjamäe dwelling district which is built after the II world war with barrack-type houses. It was only in 1990 when the consistent developing of the quarters was started. Most of the streets were housed with villas, while three-storeyd apartment houses were planned for the three farthermost streets.

The apartment houses are located in the patch like on checkerboard, two houses organizing a pair, having a common grass-covered courtyard and parking. The concrete elements of the facades are accepting strong traits of the moulding forms and are covered with translucent azure paint.

All the apartments have loose terraces covered by irregular wooden grids. Two materials in conjunction, wood and wood-patterned concrete, create unconventional shift in their concurrence which comes even more in evidence after the wood will change its original colour in time and turns grey.

Architects: JVR Arhitektuuribüroo
Architect in charge: Kalle Vellevoog, Velle Kadalipp
Constructed area: 903 sqm
Flats Amount: 12