Public Facility

Acoustic Barrier in Utrecht, The Netherlands by ONL Architect

The architectural-urban planning project Hessing Cockpit in Acoustic Barrier is innnovative in several seperate fields. The design integrates a building volume in an acoustic barrier. ONL has defined a few clear design rules, which are specified in the SPVE.

The building is designed with the speed of a car passing at 120km/h. The integrated building volume is stretched in the direction of the flow of cars according to the formula: length: height = 10:1. In the preliminary design a surface is stretched between the elastic top and bottom lines and following the folding lines.

The engineering of the geometry was developed in-house at ONL. ONL is entirely responsible for the precise data for the tens of thousands of integrated elements. For this purpose ONL has programmed an effective File to Factory process through the writing of project specific scripts. The scripts describe the geometry exactly and the data is registered in a database.

Meijers Staalbouw has offered the whole Acoustic Barrier as a product with a fixed price in close collaboration with ONL. There has been no extra labour. Also for the Cockpit Meijers Staalbouw offered the whole shell for a fixed price without mentionable extra work required.

The traditional tendering doesn’t work with designs in which construction and geometry are integral part of the architecture. The knowledge of the production and the manner of communication between the architect and the manufacturer needs to be processed in the preliminary stage of the design.

This cannot be postponed till the tendering. The Hessing Cockpit building and the Acoustic Barrier would be twice as expensive if they would be tendered on the market as a traditional bidding. The shell of the Cockpit as well as the whole Acoustic Barrier are realized within the budget agreed upon.

Architects: ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd] Architect
Design team: Kas Oosterhuis, Ilona Lénárd, Cas Aalbers, Sander Boer, Tom Hals, Dimitar Karanikolov, Tom Smith, Richard Lewis, Barbara Janssen, Gijs Joosen, Andrei Badescu, Maciek Swiatkowski, Rafael Seemann
Engineering: ONL, Meijers Staalbouw BV, Pilkington Benelux BV
Client: Projectbureau Leidsche Rijn Utrecht
Production: Meijers Staalbouw BV
Budget: US $6,52 M