All Wooden Clad House 205 in Vacarisses, Catalunya, Spain by H Arquitectes

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The setting of the project is a plot with steep slopes and a great amount of trees and bushes. The aim is building a house without causing any serious impacts on the land. The house are built on a natural rocky platform. This platform will also be used as either the exit or the garden of the house.

The large layer of rock and two concrete struts are used as the foundations of the house. The two struts lay the foundations of the house on the rock. These two struts also create a space permanently ventilated between the house and the rocky ground.

This structural system implies a very important diminishment of the weight, raw material, energy and so the CO2 emissions associated with the foundations and structure of the building. The dry assembly is easy, quick and helps saving great amounts of water. Altogether eases the building and reduces significantly the cost and time investments. The laminated wood is a renewable material that can be dismantled and therefore recycled. This means its life cycle is practically closed.

The facades are ventilated and finished with coniferous wood such as Flanders pine. The openings have also been finished with wooden fitters protected with removable shutters. The transpirability of the facade is guaranteed with a TYBEK panel, which protects the wood. The transpirability of the roof is solved by a draining sheet, which creates a small ventilated room.The final result is a wooden volume set on a large rock and surrounded by forest, which prevents the ecological visual impact.

Architects: H Arquitectes
Collaborator: Toni Jiménez Anglès, interior / Montse Fornés Guàrdia, architect / Artur Gispert, technical architect / Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Nevado, architect
Client: Francesc Ortega & Maria Ferriol
Constructed Area: 132 sqm
Budget: 200,000 EURO (US $273,600)
Photographs: STARP estudi