Public Facility

Altamirano Walk Public Furniture in Paseo Altamirano, Camino la Pólvora, Valparaíso, Chile by Oficina De Arquitectura

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In December 2004, in the context of the “Works and Arts Programme” developed by the Ministry of Public Work’s and the Nemesio Antúnez Commission, the National Architecture Authority launched a public art competition for the design of this public furniture.

Together with Architect Nicolas Norero, it was awarded the First Place.For a series of reasons, the project’s development and construction were delayed until the end of 2007. The project is situated between the Cordoba Viewpoint and a field south of another viewpoint called “El Acantilado” (The Cliff) and close to the T1 tunnel, the new south entry to the city of Valparaiso.

This place between the city and the ocean presents a special opportunity to provide a relevant space, not only for it’s plastic proposal, but also because it complies and draws together all of the challenges set forth by the competition: integral unity of the components and a dimension that corresponds to a "fifth façade".

Architects: oficina de arquitectura
Collaborators: Diego Rossel
Structural Engineer: INGEVSA S.A.
Project year: January – March, 2007
Construction year: April – October, 2007
Materials: GRAU concrete ground slab, Concrete, galvanize steel