Avant Chelsea Apartment Architecture in New York, USA by 1100 Architect

Avant Chelsea An Apartment Building Exterior View Avant Chelsea Front View Plan Avant Chelsea Model Side View Avant Chelsea Reflection Of The Sky Light Avant Chelsea Viewed From Left Building Narrow Avant Chelsea Viewed From Left Side Building Avant Chelsea Zzz North South Section Avant Chelsea Zzz Plan 01 Avant Chelsea Zzz Plan 02 Avant Chelsea Zzz Plan 11 Avant Chelsea Zzz Plan Sections

The city evokes in the American culture as a severe duality – a hope to be plunged in its spectacle and a simultaneous lusting for break from its ceaseless activity. Avant Chelsea will supply for its residents both experiences. A modern, culturally advanced urbanite demands approach to constantly changing stimulation as well as a private space that can be adjusted to their personal needs and sensibility.

This new condominium in West Chelsea will comprise twelve levels of flexible apartments, upper-floor terraces, recreation areas, and a courtyard. The street façade is a window wall, skillfully proportioned to achieve a balance between the scale of the user and the building at large. The design is efficient with a refined elegance.

Architect: 1100 Architect
Principal: Juergen Riehm, David Piscuskas
Project Architect: Christine Harper
Project Managers: Bo Lee, Sebastian Kaempf
Designer: Jessica Spiegel MEP
Engineer: ESC Consulting Engineers
Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates
General Contractor: Hunter Roberts Construction Group
Exterior Consultant: Israel Berger
Constructed Area: 2,973 sqm
Photographs: Sebastian Kaempf, Lisa Bubbers