Sports Center

Bakio Sports Centre in Bakio, Spain by ACXT

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Located in a small and floodable valley open to the sea in the coastal town of Bakio, the Sports Centre building by ACXT takes up the Northwest side of the site, leaving two free areas, one in the West, through which access is carried out and the relation of the building with the public is established, and another in the South.

The aim from the site analysis was to adapt the treatment of the building scale to the popular and low density new residence architecture in the surroundings, due to which, a three-element volumetric play was planned, making use of the natural slope of the land.

The façade closings were decided bearing in mind the adaptation to the scarce budget as well as their expressive force, considering the building as an abstract object which is part of a landscape rather than as a figurative reality representing itself.

The translucent cellular polycarbonate, in the public perimeter areas, resolves the thermal insulation and together with the birches, the protection from the western sun. At night it turns into a lighthouse which crowns the valley.