Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Bilbao, Spain by ACXT

ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Front Entrance View Canopy ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Exhibit Hall Area ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Exterior Structure Overview ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Front Building View ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Indoor Auditorium View ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Indoor Floor Wood ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Indoor Lighting Design Acxt Bilbao Exhibition Indoor Lighting Set ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Interior Spiralling Stairs ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Interior Wall Color Scheme ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Structure Exterior View ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Elevation Plan Details ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Elevation Plan ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Ground Floor Plan ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Level 3 Plan ACXT Bilbao Exhibition Site Plan Photo Air Satellite View

The new International Exhibition Centre which about to be positioned in the land previously occupied by an industrial manufacturing unit in Barakaldo, is an formidable venture to assemble a new exhibition centre so one can be supplied with probably one of the foremost up to date set up s from the architectural, practical and technological viewlevel.

The exhibition use is performed in 6 pavilions positioned 3 to 3 along the primary indoor axis. This axis truly turns into the spine of the construction, because it hosts at completely various stages the flows which happen at the fair: automobiles, lorries and pedestrians.

This gives consequence, on the decrease stages there are 3 underground parking floors to accommodate 4,200 automobiles. On a stage above, the lorries also move longitudinally having direct access to the pavilions for loading and unloading. Later, on the upper stage and with direct access from the road , pedestrians walk along a big indoor street with access to pure gentle , which turns into the primary area for relation the position completely various complementary providers and products spherical up the exhibition use.

At the genesis of the optimistic venture the aim has been to utilize the possible for the constructing for the set up of vitality saving mechanisms: the putting of sun panels on the roof of the constructing goes to permit to supply electrical powered al vitality for self-consumption. The positions of work will probably be air-conditioned with a radiant ceiling, an alternate demonstrated in view of the wish to save lots of vitality.

At the master of the constructive project the aim has been to make use of the potential of the building for the installation of energy saving mechanisms: the placing of solar panels on the roof of the building is going to allow to produce electric energy for self-consumption. The offices will be air-conditioned with a radiant ceiling, an alternative confirmed in view of the need to save energy.

Architects: ACXT
Architect in Charge: César Azcárate (ACXT) + Esteban Rodriguez (SENER)
Project Architects: Gonzalo Carro, Raimundo Bambó, Javier Vergara, Jorge Minguet, Manuel Andrades, Marc Rips, Iñigo Arana, María Labastida, Ruth Mendoza, Javier Oteiza, Cruz Lacoma, Eloy Olabarri
Area: 450,000 sqm
Project Management: Celos Fonseca, Javier Vergara, jon Ochoca, Javier Ruiz de Prada (IDOM + SENER)
Structural / Civil engineering: Fernando del Campo
Enviromental Engineering: Javier Aróstegui
Lighting: ALS Lighting
Photographer: Carlos Casariego