Breuillot’s House in Buillon, France by Bernard Quirot & Olivier Vichard

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Settled in a humble village 10 kilometers south of Besançon, the region Franche Comté''s main town, this house was built far from the center of the village, up on the hill which dominates the river Loue and treats of a clear and wide view. It was made for a single grandma’ who takes care of her daughter’s children every day.

Bernard Quirot and Olivier Vichard have designed a contemporary mix between traditional ways of building houses (raw stone, wood for structure and ornemantation) and modern style (raw concrete, large windows, voluminous white spaces).

Place was preserved at most : trees were protected, the raw stones for wall’s facing were found on the site. A strong presence on the construction site and a good understanding between the architects and the companies involved have been garanteed the perfect quality of the details and the delivery of the project in time.

Architects: Bernard Quirot & Olivier Vichard
Collaborator: Delphine Tempesta
Structure: FDI, François Durant
Constructed Area: 135 sqm
Photographs: Nicolas Waltefaugle