Camouflaged Tree Hotel Concept by Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekter

Tham Arch A Tree Hotel Concept Tham Arch Camouflaging With Its Surroundings Tham Arch Zap Plans Dimensions Tham Arch Zap Section Details Design Tham Arch Zap Sections Inside Plan

This is not literally an ordinary hotel, instead it''s a shelter built up in the trees which camouflaged itself with its surroundings. The hotel is made of plywood in the interior, with a 360 degree view windows. Box-shaped, it''s clad in mirrored glass, 4x4x4 meters.

The exterior reflects the surroundings and the sky, creating a camouflaged refuge. The lodging provides a living for two people, a double bed, a small kitchen and bathroom, a living room and roof terrace.

The access to the cabin is by a rope ladder or a rope bridge.To prevent birds fly into the windows, transparent stickers, visible for birds, will be added to the facades.

Architect: Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekter