Cap Gemini Campus in Utrecht, Netherlands by de Architekten Cie

Cap Gemini An Architecture Design Cap Gemini Cafe Interior Cap Gemini Exterior Photo Landscape Cap Gemini Front Structure Cap Gemini Lower Angle View Cap Gemini The Aerial View Cap Gemini Zap Three Dimension Scheme Plan

The new head office of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young has recently been realized in Utrecht's new office district Papendorp, on the west side of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. The centrepiece is the majestic Plaza, the central hall that forms the connection between the five separate buildings.

The main building is the largest and most central building on the campus. It comprises of a plinth containing the company restaurant and two office towers above. Special areas in these buildings are accentuated by large glass surfaces in the outer facade.

This new landscape, which also covers the car park, has spacious patio’s which accommodate the individual entrances to the offices and car park. Additional cuts into the landscape provide the plaza with daylight and vistas. The result is the formation of a central space on the original polder level around which all the buildings are situated.

Architects: de Architekten Cie + Veenendaal Bocanet & Partners
Project Team: R. ten Bras, P. Koschuch, P. Campos da Costa, B. Bocanet, H. Hrabak, M. Prokop, G. Trevetin
Contractor: Nelissen van Egteren
Structural Engineer: IMD ingenieursburo Mlonbroek b.v.
Budget: $68,000,000 EURO (US $106,5 M)
Constructed Area: 75,000 sqm
Photographs: Daria Scagiola & Stijn Brakkee, De Jong Luchtfotografie