Church Architecture on the Hill - Mortensrud Church by Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor

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Located on the top of a small crest with large pine trees and some exposed rock, this stunning Mortensrud church architecture is dsigned by Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor.

Geometrically speaking the church is an addition to the existing ground, no blasting and excavation was necessary except carefully removing the thin layer of soil. This technique, among other things, makes it easier to preserve the existing vegetation and topography, thereby adding a dimension to the experience of the building.

Anumber of trees are preserved in atriums within the enclosure. Some of the rock formations emerge like islands in the concrete floor of the church, between the congregation and choir. Thus the church takes its major divisions from elements already on the site. This is possible because there are relatively large tolerances in dimensioning the rooms.

No module has been used to determine the exact positions of the gardens. Rather the materials and structures are chosen so that a gradual non incremental adjustment of dimensions, without steps or modules, is possible.

Architects: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor
Location: Mortensrud, Oslo
Design Period: 1998 – 1999
Construction period: 2000-2002
Building Leader: Øivind Moen AS, Dag Solvang, Haavard Slaatten
Client: Kirkelig Fellesråd i Oslo, Terje Oterholt
Project Architects: Jensen & Skodvin, JanOlav Jensen (project leader), Børre Skodvin, AnneLise Bjerkan, Torunn Golberg, Torstein Koch, Siri Moseng, Einar Bjarki Malmquist
Artists: Gunnar Torvund (main altar piece & blue glass sculpture in chapel), Knut Wold (marble piece in chapel)
Interior Architect Furniture: Terje Hope
Structural Engineer: ICG ASA / Einar Johansen, Ola Bjørn Petteresen, Gunnar Fuglerudsveen
Ventilation & Sanitary: Andersen & Johnsen AS, Bjørn Andersen
Budget: 5.500.000 EURO (US $8.42 millions)
Constructed Area: 2.200 sqm
Photographs: Jan Olav Jensen, Per Berntsen