Social Housing

Collage Paris Social Housing in France by Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec

Collage Paris Multi Story Social Housing Project Collage Paris Apartment Parking Space Collage Paris Balconies Exterior Collage Paris Balcony Extrudes On The Exterior Collage Paris Exterior Building Photo Collage Paris Glass Windows Exterior Photo Collage Paris Level 6 Plan Collage Paris Outdoor Social Housing Plaza Photograph Collage Paris Paking Area For Apartment Residents Collage Paris Red Color Scheme Collage Paris View From The Garden Collage Paris Apartment Plan Collage Paris Detail 01 Collage Paris Detail 02 Collage Paris Detail 04 Collage Paris Detail 05 Collage Paris Details 03 Collage Paris Elevation 01 Collage Paris Elevation 03 Collage Paris Elevation 04 Collage Paris Elevation Plan 02 Collage Paris Ground Floor Plan Collage Paris Level 01 Plan Collage Paris Level 03 Plan Collage Paris Level 04 Plan Collage Paris Level 07 Plan Collage Paris Level 2 Plan Collage Paris Level 5 Plan Collage Paris Outdoor Plaza Area Collage Paris Picpus Axonometric Projection Collage Paris Section Details Plan Collage Paris Site Plan Collage Paris Typo Diagram Plan Collage Paris White Exterior Balconies View

The Collage Paris social housing is located at the intersection of the homogeneous and haussmannian landscape along Gossec Street, and projected as an element of a typical “collage-city” landscape.

Two parallelipedic buildings, respectively 7 and 6 levels high aligned in parallel on the front and back limit (north and south) of the plot are set up on stilts above two long ribbons which concentrate all the accommodations of the residence on the street side and keep clear a wide open space way far unto the landmark garden.

In the courtyard, the rooftops of the ribbons, “vegetalized”, expand to propose “house-typed” apartments with high ceilings, equipped for the handicapped.

Elevated on 2 parking levels, the ground floor slab appears like a mineral kaleidoscope, appropriate to dissolve the handicapped requirements in an opportunistic and playful mid-mineral mid-vegetal landscape. Each apartment or accommodation has its specific altimetry, in the exact prolongation of the kaleidoscope, generating a free movement of the doors and windows, emphasized by their reflection in the stainless cladding of the ribbons and the ceilings.

One enters the residence through a metallic curtain by a wide porch in the axis of the project, and then each building has its own entrance hall. The common areas are generous, clear, without residual spaces and benefit from natural light.

Architects: Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec
Project Manager: Louis-Antoine Grego – Matthieu Roggwiller
Engineering: BETOM – TECSOL
Economy: Michel Larsonneur
Structural Engineering: Eng.Lopes de Oliveira
Site Area: 2,026 sqm
Constructed Area: 9,183 sqm
Photographs: Benoit Fougeirol – Philippe Ruault