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Colorful Architecture of Custoias Civic Centre by Guilherme Machado

City Hall White Exterior Paint City Hall Colorful Paint City Hall Ext Night City Hall Interior Furniture City Hall Interior Wall City Hall Lighting City Hall Meeting Room City Hall Orange Paint Scheme

Architect Guilherme Machado has presented their work of Civic Centre in Custóias which is built in Souto Square, a triangular space with bad construction, a central garden and imposing trees. The garden has been suffering through the years, as almost every old garden in Matosinhos has, constant and successive interventions and mutilations.

The library finally moved to the new building but the old one still remains between the trees in the garden. situation plan The Civic Centre is located on the plot, after lots of failed experimentation, only on the compliment of municipal plans and regulations, wich are, in panic situations, a relief.

With a square plan, the side dimensions is the maximum depth allowed by the City Hall in urban construction, 17.6m. The height and alignement of the Civic Centre with the existing buildings is also dictated by the same plans and regulations wich establish a moving back from the actual building front to widen the road section in a long term basis.

Project: 2002-2004
Construction: 2004-2006
Graphic Design: Ezzo Design

Structural Engineer: José Basto Lino
Electrical Engineer: Alexandre Martins
Contractor: Domingos Carvalho S.A.
Constructed Area: 760 sqm
Budget: 600.000 EURO (US $888.240)
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti