Artsy Wooden Floor Painting in Yaya House in Madrid, Spain by Manuel Ocana

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This Yaya house project is a subject where the architect should involve personal dimensions, since the attic refurbishment is meant for his mother-in-law. First thing done was to define a different protocol, where then an oak wood dais of 140 millimeters over furried boards seems to be the appropriate site to register the levels of the traces and then build the dwelling on top in order to silence them.

The work starts at floor level after the usual procedures of spatial and structural cleansing. On one occasion, architect were detecting the traces, as well as discovering a pattern of concealed geometries that are outlined when laying the floors through a precise detailing of the boards.

On the other, the new traces are stamped by drawing on top of the discovered geometries the portrait of the woman that will live in the house. This part requires a carpenter, an enthusiastic student of fine arts, Photoshop, the Xiladecor palette on the market, aniline and a set of gouges to engrave the drawing in the terrace.

The unveiled geometry and the three rear windows determine the repositioning of the partition walls that define the two bedrooms and bathroom required. And the leitmotiv of the next step of the building protocol is ‘on top and dry’. Everything built is dry and on top of everything.

Architect: Manuel Ocaña Arquitectos
Promotor: Benedicta Uría
Contractor: Manuel Ocaña
Constructed Area: 67 sqm
Budget: $75,000 EURO (US $104,775)
Photographs: Miguel de Guzman