Day Care, Kindergarten and Primary School Architecture in Spain by Jordi Badia

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This Jordi Badia's design elementary school is divided into two parts: The classrooms on one level and a lower section housing the cafeteria and the Gym.

It was built in two stages so that classes could proceed in the old building, which is on the same site. In the first phase the classrooms were built on the ground floor and on two upper floors, aligned to one of the corridors. The dining hall and the gym were built in the second phase, when the pupils had moved to the new classrooms.

Architect: Jordi Badia
Location: c/Roger de Flor 123, Granollers, Spain
Project: 2003
Construction: 2006
Collaborators: Jordi Framis, Daniel Guerra, Marcos Catalán, Sergi Serrat
Structure: Eduard Doce, architect
Technical Architect: INYPSA. Antonio Leciñena, Joan Vilanova
Services: Consulting Lluís Duart
Client: GISA, Gestió d'infraestructures S.A. Departament d'Ensenyament
Photographs: Pedro Pegenaute