E7-2 House in Islamabad, Pakistan by Montage DESIGNBUILD

Designbuild E7 2 Front House Design Exterior Facade Designbuild E7 2 Bridge At Night Illuminated With Light Designbuild E7 2 Bridge Between Buildings Viewed From Bottom Designbuild E7 2 Bridge Made From Timber Across Mini Pool Designbuild E7 2 Bridge Made Of Timber Designbuild E7 2 Entrance House View Designbuild E7 2 Exterior Bridge That Connects Between Two Buildings Designbuild E7 2 Exterior Natural Stone Material Designbuild E7 2 Exterior Stair Railings Design Designbuild E7 2 Indoor Lighting Set At Night Designbuild E7 2 Interior Color Scheme Designbuild E7 2 Material From Natural White Stone Exterior Designbuild E7 2 Pakistani House With Exterior Lighting Design Designbuild E7 2 The View From The Top Building Designbuild E7 2 Uplight Exterior Lighting On The Door Designbuild E7 2 Upper Level To Top Level Stairs Indoor Designbuild E7 2 Viewe Front Top Floor To The Exterior Door Designbuild E7 2 Wooden Cupboard Gives A Natural Pakistani Style Designbuild E7 2 Wooden Material Put On Corner Designbuild E7 2 Basement Plan Plan Designbuild E7 2 Elevations 22 Designbuild E7 2 Elevations Sketch 01 Designbuild E7 2 First Floor Plan Sketch Designbuild E7 2 Ground Floor Plan Sketch Designbuild E7 2 Roof Plan Design Designbuild E7 2 Section B Sketch

On a very posh area side by side to the margalla hills, the Montage DESIGNBUILD studio has built a typical Pakistani housing in bold new fashion. In Pakistani cultivation the disjunction between the public and private almost reaches absurd levels.

Throwing it out in the open, linking it only through a glass bridge, house remaining is like one solid shell where boundaries are minimal and where every space seamlessly flows into the other. By creating a fourteen feet high ceiling for the living room, different levels flow into one another, thus creating a strong link between the living spaces and the bedrooms on the upper floors.

But the link of this shell to the outside world is again through a bridge that passes over a water body, which acts like a reflection pool at night. The entire basement is designed as an entertainment area and some utilities, but a sunken lawn and green spaces around the basement create lavish seating and dining spaces for guests that can be brought directly into the basement. All of the terraces can also be used for entertainment, from inside or directly from outside the house.

Architects: Montage DESIGNBUILD
Site Area: 1,000 square yards
Constructed Area: 697 sqm
Budget: US $202,500
Photographs: Montage