Extruded Facade Architecture Design - Rubi Offices by Bailo Rull Add+ Arquitectura

Rubi Architecture Design Rubi Architecture Long View Rubi Black Exterior Color Rubi Decorative Wall Panels Rubi Extruded Windows Rubi Glass Walls Rubi Interior Panels Rubi Lowerr Entry Rubi Minimalist Indoor Paint Scheme

The Rubi Offices project is situated on a place where the urban conditions are loosing the density and the compactness in front of one river of the city. The location of the project invites to focus the views to the landscape, and propose to choose those green views from every part of the offices.

The constructive solution consists to use a precast concrete for all the building. For the structural part the project we have used conventional precast solutions. But for the façade we have designed special flat piece and special no flat piece witch control the views to the landscape.

The different disposition of those specials pieces generates a special space between inside an outside. The core access has been designed like a interior artificial garden operating as access to real landscape.

Architects: ADD+ Arquitectura
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Project year: 2008
Photographs: José Hevia