Folded Corten House - Timber and Glass Residence Design in Ebelsberg, Austria by x Architekten

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Built on 1920s, the original building proves itself as valuable to the client mainly because of to the surrounding garden landscape. The client’s main brief were the adjustment of the subsisting construction to modern energy standards, a less clouded and ampler living space, the greatest possible view of the surrounding nature and the integration of garden and terrace areas into the living space and environment.

The property including a house, a garden and an older stock of trees lies on a slightly inclined slope. The slope side is important here as it divides the property into two levels. The resulting difference in floor levels is balanced out by the existing building as well as the extension.

The extension of the living area is accomplished with a Corten steel surface which allows architect to create more space and views. Its lasting chromatic patina emphasises the steel as a carrying material which imposes structure. Compared with the strength of the steel, the glass panels appear to be transparent and light.

Everything is seamless. The deep colour of the Corten steel works by framing and opening the rooms (fitness, sauna and office) and offers generous views and access to the surrounding nature. The extension embraces the archetypically existing building without merging with it. It remains confident and adapts itself at the same time.

Architects: x Architekten
Client: Mrs. and Mr. Seebacher
Construction: Mixed Structure
Constructed Area: 215 sqm
Photographs: Max Nirnberger