Ginkgo Lounge in Portimão, Portugal by Tiago Rosado

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When an apartment + hotel building in Portimão wanted to add a poolside bar between the old water hole and the road, they realized that they only have a small strip. Depart from there, after several brainstorms and development, the poolside bar ended up in much larger space and acts not only for the apartment + hotel, but also for public access.

This is what Tiago Rosado architect did when they''re commissioned to have this project. From the exterior, Ginkgo Lounge (as it called) has clean and comfortable profile. The espalanade along the front side islikely to be framed by a large window. Prefabricated concrete walls, raw to contrast the cleanliness of the rest of the space.

The name Ginkgo was revealed from the very very old species of trees, Ginkgo Biloba. Sure it should give the architecture a sense of longevity. Photography by Fernando Guerra