Habita Hotel in Lamartine 201, Colonia Polanco, México City by TEN Arquitectos

Mexican architects BGP Arquitectura designed this stylish hotel in Mexico City. The glass skin plays as a buffer to the busy outside, while altering into a lamp during night. Modern swimming setting is laid on the roof top.

Inside, cozy dining area and modern cafe bar is set to please their guests. Simple use of wooden clad to the floor and half of the wall, makes the interior more intriguing.

Architects: TEN Arquitectos
Team: Aarón Hernández, Sergio Nuñez, Francisco Pardo, Julio Amezcua, Hugo Sánchez, Claudia Marquina, Carlos López, Martine Paquin, Adriana Díaz, Rubén Garnica, Miguel Ríos
Area: 2,500 m2
Photography: Luis Gordoa, Undine Pröhl, Jean Luc Laloux