Public Facility

Halftecture O Public Lavatory Project in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan by Shuhei Endo

Halftecture Modern Practical Public Toilet Halftecture Doors And Corridor Halftecture Inside The Public Lavatory Halftecture Minimalist Public Service Toilet Halftecture Public Lavatory Project Halftecture Diagram Details Halftecture Hooplan Copy

This architecture work comprises of a single flat steel sheet made of anticorrosive steel. Truss-shaped structural walls composed of 25mm-thick steel sheet have been set at the right and left ends, and a catenary curve made of 16mm- thick steel sheet spans the 20m gap between these support points.

The outer faces of the right and left walls, upon which the roof has been placed, and inclined toward each other, and during construction the shapes were fixed and joined after they had twisted and warped under the effects of gravity.

Architects: Shuhei Endo
Structure System: Suspended Steel Sheet
Site Area: 580 sqm
Constructed Area: 103 sqm