Heineken Shop the City in Amsterdam by Tjep

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Tjep delivered an outstanding concept for Heineken shop in Amsterdam. He pour furniture into the six monumental buildings located in the heart of Amsterdam, as if people were filling a cold fresh glass of X-tra cold Heineken.

The idea of coldness is consequently applied through the whole shop design including the lighting which is 100% LED based. There are three story high fridge containing all the Heineken bottles from different markets around the world. Alongside the fridge an ice crystal evolves along the wall containing over 600 Heineken bottles.

Heineken store is the first in Europe to be 100% LED-lit. Products and services available in Heineken The City are divided into four cornerstones: Refreshing Sounds Studio (music), Fashion, Tickets & Travel (for trips and events) and a Beer Shop (selling beer-related products). Highlights include limited edition sneakers (pictured), special beer bottles from Asia, the opportunity to create self-designed Heineken bottles, or book a fashion tour of Amsterdam.

Design: Tjep
Project team: Frank Tjepkema, Janneke Hooymans, Tina Stieger, Leonie Janssen
Production: Hypsos