Social Housing

Home For Children and Adolescent in Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany by J. Mayer H. Architects + Sebastian Finckh

Homehaus An Adolescent Dwelling Homehaus Exterior View Homehaus Green Lush Interior Color Homehaus Indoor Stairs Wooden Material Homehaus Interior Stairs Homehaus Side View Building Homehaus With Skyview

Located near the edge of the forest in Hamburg, a new residential building is now finished as a home for children and adolescents. The characteristics of the building are based on a two colour relief facade embracing a compact house volume. A central staircase penetrates the division between floors in favour of communication to create a central open space for the community.

Architects: J. MAYER H. Architects + Sebastian Finckh
Project Team: Juergen Mayer H. , Sebastian Finckh (Project-Architect), Marcus Blum
Architect on site: Arch 3, Dirk Reinisch, Berlin
Structural Engineers: WTM Engineers, Hamburg
Landscape Architects: Breimann & Bruun, Hamburg
Photographs: Dirk Fellenberg