Hotel Strata in Sexten, Sesto, Italy by PLASMA Studio

Hotel Strata A Front Exterior Facade Design Hotel Strata Far Long Shot Photo Hotel Strata Exterior Profile 01 Hotel Strata Exterior Profile 02 Hotel Strata Front Railings Hotel Strata Stair Railings Hotel Strata Photo At Dusk Hotel Strata Interior Stairs And Color Scheme Hotel Strata Lighting Natural Sun Hotel Strata Minimalist White Hotel Strata View To Outside 01 Hotel Strata View To Outside 02 Hotel Strata Sliding Glass Doors Hotel Strata View To Outside 03 Hotel Strata View To Outside 04 Hotel Strata Swing Glass Doors Hotel Strata Bedroom Interior Swing Glass Doors Hotel Strata Zap Site Plan Hotel Strata Zap Ground Floor Plan Hotel Strata Zap First Floor Plan Hotel Strata Zap Elevation 01 Hotel Strata Zap Elevation 02 Hotel Strata Zap Elevation 03 Hotel Strata Zap Elevation 04 Hotel Strata Zap Woodne Bands Axonometry Hotel Strata Zap Balcony Details

Located on a steep hillside in the Italian Dolomites this new-built hotel has been developed as the interweaving of the free-flowing topography- indexed and organized by series of timber strips- and the serial sequence of appartment units perpendicular to it.

Since the overall shape was developed from the local planning guidelines, the linear distribution of units and the views and sun directions, it is a resultant of the constant negotiations among all these parameters as well as a topological answer to the picturesque typologies frequently built in the area.

From applying the logic of topographical mapping i.e. the indexing of horizontal sections as continuous lines, the volume is formed as a series of strata that as an artificial entity maintains a dialogue with its natural environment. In addition these horizontal sections operate as control lines, enabling the generation of curved hyperbolic-parabolic geometry.

The balconies become in-between zones that negotiate the internal rationale of the apartments -ruled by efficiency and the repetition of parts- with the exterior- as extension of the topography.ProgrammeThe building is an extension to an already existing Apart – Hotel.

As the context was not considered worth to be continued, the old and the new part connect only at an underground level and through a mediating low and inconspicuous building volume at ground floor level. The main building volume distinguishes consciously from the existing part.

Programmatically the new volume is divided into two parts: the right side of the wing is a rigid addition of the axis of the guestrooms, all directed to the view and the sun, the left one together with the mediating building is occupied by the private house of the client.

Architect: PLASMA Studio
Project Year: 2007
Constructed Area: 1,510 sqm
Photographs: Cristobal Palma