House Place Jordan in Klagenfurt – Viktring, Kärnten, Austria by Heri & Salli

House Jordan An Architecture Design House Jordan Sketches Floor Plan House Jordan Sketches General Plan House Jordan Sketches Rendered 3d House Jordan Sketches Rendering Field House Jordan Sketches Rough House Jordan Sketches Side Section House Jordan Swimming Pool Exterior

In 1997 the house Jordan in "Klagenfurt" was built after the plans of the architect Wretschko. In 1999 was added a rising plate after sketches of Tom Mayne. One receives on the one hand the feeling that the house is positioned at a hill, on the other hand distinguishes the property itself from the environment and offers protection for "an internal" so called free space.

Two geometrically linear ways through the garden open the most important places for the user. It was a desire by the owner that the garden should remain as a "wide" existing surface. A far field of different possibilities to use.

There was a swimmingpool with a surrounding concrete area existing. Also a summerhouse was added in the following years – this should not exist any more and be cleared away. Photograph by Paul Ott