K:fem Department Store in Stockholm, Sweden by Wingardh

Kfem A Modern Department Store Refurbishment Kfem Building Night View Kfem Department Store Interior Kfem Transparent Glasses Kfem First Floor Plan Kfem Second Floor Plan Kfem Situation Plan

Red as a lacquer box, the construction stands as a precious object by the new entrance of the centre. With layers on layers, a sense of depth is transmitted in the façade. The milky glass gets increasingly see-through as the white dots vanish towards top and exposes the red skin behind. A cool and thin cloth on a warm body.

The house is dedicated to branded fashion and just as all these brands are brought together under the huge canopy, they are brought together in one common space inside. The only detached department is the black box in the east end. As the complex continues the urban pattern from the 1950's, a pedestrian street cuts thru the site and divides one solo retailer from the large department store. The little black as a contrast to the grand evening dress.

A pendant ceiling transmits a diffuse light, and the white pattern on the balustrades evaporates like mist in the morning. The large opening in the core of the building opens up toward the light. To ascend the space shall be a travel to the light – as an aeroplane rising through the clouds.

With the refurbishment of the entire area and the erection of the fashion department store K:fem, some of the original ideas have been developed further, and the new ideas adapted to the venue.

Architects: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor
Architects in charge: Gert Wingårdh, Cecilia Ström, Per Söderberg
Client: AB Svenska Bostäder
Constructed Area: 16,600 sqm
Photographer: Patrik Gunnar Helin