Letterbox House in Blairgowrie, Australia by McBride Charles Ryan

Australian Architects McBride Charles Ryan have completed a unique, contemporary house wrapped in timber exterior materials which simply they described as "a new version of the good old Aussi verandah".

In the peninsula, the house has the smallest facade, the building starts as the letterbox and unfurls to become this healthy scaled verandah, to some it is an upturned boat, to others it a wave a cliff.

The inside of this golden wall is vivid red; the support structure and the support shelves which in time will become deposits of beach memories, the much leafed book, the photos, the bric-a-brac of beach holidays and markers of the quintessential Australian family life.

Architect: Rob McBride & Debbie-Lyn Ryan
Project Team: Adam Pustola, Meredith Dufour, Michael McManus, Angela Woda
Constructed Area: 290 sqm
Photographs: John Gollings