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Maritime Youth House in Copenhagen, Denmark by PLOT = BIG + JDS

Maritime Youth Exterior Architecture Photo Maritime Youth Dune Like Deck Photo Maritime Youth Elevated Deck Maritime Youth Interior Furnishings Maritime Youth Outdoor Boat Moor Maritime Youth Sea View Wooden Deck Maritime Youth Wooden Deck And Outdoor Stairs Maritime Youth Wooden Deck Photo Maritime Youth Youth Are Playing On The Deck Maritime Youth Ground Floor Plan Maritime Youth Isometric Diagrams Maritime Youth Section 01 Maritime Youth Section 03 Maritime Youth Section 04 Maritime Youth Section 05 Maritime Youth Section 06 Maritime Youth Section 07 Maritime Youth Section 08 Maritime Youth Section 09 Maritime Youth Section 10 Maritime Youth Section 11 Maritime Youth Section 2 Maritime Youth Site Plan

Assigned to turn a polluted site into an architectural potential, collaborative architects PLOT = BIG + JDS came up with covering the site with a wooden deck that leaves the polluted topsoil, and concentrate in building the architecture.

The building is provided for two users who both has conflicting requirements: a youth centre wanted outdoor space for the kids to play, and a sailing club who required most of the site to tie up their boats. Accomodating the requirements, the deck is elevated high enough to allow for boat storage underneath while providing an undulating landscape for the kids to run and play above.

The interior of the building is very low key: the front room oriented towards the coastline, is used as a common room where most of center’s daily activities take place. It utilizes a higher level of materials and detailing than the workshop and storage areas. The floor in the workshop is a standard grey concrete whereas the commons area has a brushed up Aalborg white concrete with white aggregate.

The presence of hard surfaces used on the interior is meant to contrast the wooden exterior, an inversion of what is commonly done (wooden interior, concrete and asphalt exterior). This is meant to reflect the dominance of outdoor activities of the youth house. The Maritime Youth House has therefore gained an additional ‘room’ which IS the wooden deck – it supports all the centre’s programs, indoor and outdoor.

Architects: PLOT = BIG + JDS
Client: Kvaterloft Copenhagen, Loa Fund
Constructed Area: 2,000 sqm
Budget: US $1,950,000
Photographs: Julien de Smedt, Mads Hilmer, Esben Bruun, Paolo Rosselli