Modern Store Interior Design - Contrapunto Bookshop by Lipthay + Cohn + Contenla

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Located on Shopping La Dehesa, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile, architects from Lipthay + Cohn + Contenla have completed the Contrapunto Bookstore interior design. Contrapunto itself is a Chilean book shop that specializes in architecture, design, art, photography and illustrated books, invited us to develop a new concept for their most recent store.

The atmosphere, architecture and design should act as a support for the book world, and deliver a pleasant environment were the content and the aesthetics of the books were the main characters

Name: Contrapunto Bookstore
Location: Shopping La Dehesa, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile
Completion date: April 2007
Clients: Editorial Contrapunto
Architects: Lipthay + Cohn + Contenla
Furniture Design: Lipthay + Cohn + Contenla
Collaborators: Diego Salinas, Carolina Agliati
Floor area: 120 mts2
Constructor: KIT CORP S.A
Budget: USD$92.300 (CLP$41.5M)
Photography: Lipthay + Cohn + Contenla