Nazca Restaurant in Bogota, Colombia by Giancarlo Mazzanti

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Located on the new T zone in Bogota, Colombia, the Nazca Restaurant program is divided in two zone: snacks, bar and VIP on the 2nd floor, dining and kitchen on the first floor. The project looks to enhace the relation with street level, by overlooking pedestrians from a big stair on the entrance, to sit and watch.

Through this stair people arrive to the second floor, and after passing through the terrace they enter the bar area. From there, one go down one level onto a more protected and intimate space, on which is the main dining area which opens to an inner patio.Stone was used relating to traditional inca works, contrasting with red glass.

Architects: Giancarlo Mazzanti and Paula Galarza
Collaborators: Sergio Garzón, Alberto Aranda, Diana Vásquez
Contractor: Jaime Pizarro
Design: 2003
Construction: 2004