Oca Temporary Pavilion in São Paulo "Resistance and Tradition" Event by Königsberger Vannucchi

Oca Exterior View Oca Front Building View Oca Inside Front Entrance Oca Interior Photo View Oca Night Photography Oca Site Plan

As a part of the World Cultural Forum in São Paulo in 2004, the “Oca” was developed as a temporary pavilion for the event “Resistance and Tradition”, performing the center of discussion about Brazil’s indigenous culture. Oca sheltered many ceremonies and meetings of representatives from the country’s various native communities.

The project references typical elements of the native architecture, such as the zenithal illumination and the high level of transparency of the building. However, it does so in a respectful manner without intending to be a mere literal reproduction of said architecture, through the use of contemporary elements such as galvanized steel boards.

Architect: Königsberger Vannucchi
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Project Year: 2004
Client: SESC / World Cultural Forum
Photographs: Gal Oppido