Office Architecture in Santiago, Chile - BIP Computers by Alberto Mozo

Bip Computers Exterior Day Bip Computers Glass Windows Bip Computers Inner Structure Bip Computers Interior Stair Bip Computers Night View

This office-building is erected between two old houses, year 1936, which were renovated and are not under protection by any low of historical conservation.

The project mantained 80% of the previouly constructed and of the total constructed surface of 1.174 m2 , including the building, these houses represent a 44%. The whole occupies a place which permits the construction of a 12 floor building and this determines a high value of the ground, on the other hand depreciate the value of any construction which does not carry that altitude.

Architect: Alberto Mozo
Collaborators: Francisca Cifuentes, Mauricio Leal, Luis Fernandez
Location: Suecia & Bilbao, Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Client: Nicolas Moens de Hase
Site Area: 1654 sqm
Constructed Area: 623 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2007
Structure Ingeneer: Juan Lopez Ingeneers
Electric project: Gaston Villarroel
Structure: Arauco & Constructora Las Torcazas
Finishing: Constructora Cuatro Vientos
Photographs: Cristobal Palma