Olivomare Restaurant in London, United Kingdom by Pierluigi Piu

Pierluigi Olivomare Connecting Door Between Rooms Pierluigi Olivomare Bar Area White Minimalist Pierluigi Olivomare Bar Area Pierluigi Olivomare Continuous Geometrical Fishlike Restaurant Interior Wall Decoration Pierluigi Olivomare Entrance Path Restaurant Interior Wall Decor Pierluigi Olivomare Entrance Wall Interior Design Pattern Pierluigi Olivomare Fishes Decorative Wall Interior Pierluigi Olivomare Geometrical Wall Decorative Pattern In Bathroom Pierluigi Olivomare Interior Light Ambience Pierluigi Olivomare Minimalist Dining Tabkle With Fish Pattern Wall Decorations Pierluigi Olivomare Minimalist White Dining Restaurant Furnishings Pierluigi Olivomare Olivomare Interior Design Photo Pierluigi Olivomare Restaurant Interior Wall Decoration Design Pierluigi Olivomare Transparent Faceted Wall Partition Pierluigi Olivomare Vintage Like Decorative Wall Pattern Pierluigi Olivomare Wall Decoration Plan Pierluigi Olivomare White Clean Interior Restaurant Pierluigi Olivomare White Clean Lighting Ambient Pierluigi Olivomare White Vintage Like Wall Partition Pierluigi Olivomare Floor Plan Pierluigi Olivomare Interior Restaurant Bar Plan Details Pierluigi Olivomare Wall Decor Plan

OLIVO is a well-known seafood restauran brand in London. The Pierluigi Piu architect firm have completed this popular restaurant interior design which deliver the elegant simplicity of dishes being served in the restaurant.

Paint mostly in white, the restaurant interior successfully build the atmosphere by combining the color with soft, indirect and amnient lighting, like that of sunlight as seen from underwater. The modern interior repeatedly uses patterns and textures that reference an underwater seascape. The wall of the lobby uses a white, diamond-shaped partition reminiscent of fishing nets.

In the small dining room at the rear (flooded by natural daylight copiously dropping down through a wide skylight expressly open in its roof), the cladding of its only continuous wall – which also includes a large curve –is characterized by a wavy relief meant to evoke the sandy surface of the beach when moulded by the wind, while in the toilets lobby the intricate branches of a coral reef closes in around any visitor coming from the bright and open adjacent room.

Such decorative pattern is obtained by engraving a double layer (white and red) of thick opaque laminated plastic laid onto either walls and ceiling, and its entanglement, when combined with the hidden doors giving access to the toilets, adds a sense of momentary disorientation to its aesthetical surprise.

A sea of white colour has been used to enhance and link all these elements, flooding all surrounding parts, from walls to ceiling, from the resin floor to the Corian® made bar counter; a white sea working in this environment as an undifferentiated neutral background that intentionally disappoints any predictable expectation for blue colour.”

Architects: Pierluigi Piu
Client: Olivo
Project Date: 2007