Ordino Complex in Ordino, Andorra by Arteks Arquitectura & Esther Pascal Architect

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The puiet complex is a building composed by four different programmatical activities. Because of its dimension, complexity, trying to obtain a better-scaled relationship with the urban context of the town of Ordino, and adapting itself to the different existent typologies, the volume of the building has been fragmented following its different activities. Differentiating roofs, materials and façade depths.

Congress Center Program. The main room of the congress centre tries to recreate the sensations of an exterior space but whit the comfort of an interior space.
1. Both interior facades are made with acoustic ceramic pieces, being one of them “self-lifting” and the other a floating facade.
2. False roof “trompe l‘eoil” to turn the sight of the installations aside.
3. False roof “boomerang” that explodes with wood pieces, to reduce the height room perception in the tables area.
4. A continuous terrazzo pavement with 20 different grain combinations that emphasize the room‘s depth.
5.Mobile walls that allows different ways to divide the spaces, creating versatility.

The Kindergarten Program. The building is conceived as an interaction between two volumes. A grater volume contains common spaces and facilities, whereas a smaller one contains different rooms for the daily activities of the children. All the links between themselves adapts it to the local whether conditions, having “patios” with day light during the day, a ramp for the children and scales and elevators for the staff. Luminous spaces and special materials in the floor to adapt the rooms to the children games necessities.

Architect: ARTEKS Arquitectura + Esther Pascal architect
Collaborator: Victor Pérez Porro
Structure: GETCE BEAL_ Xavier Beal Vilaginés
Utilities: Bernabé Rodriguez
Acoustics: Higini Arau
General Contractor: COIMA S.A
Constructed Area: 9,714 sqm
Photographs: Pedro Pegenaute & Eugeni Pons