Research Facilities in UMH University, Orihuela, Alicante, Spain / Subarquitectura + J.m. Torres Nadal

UMH Architecture Blue Exterior Facade UMH Concrete Facade Look UMH Inner Courtyard Photo UMH Model Concept View UMH Plan View UMH Research Facility UMH The Details Plan UMH Top Aerial View UMH Windows Look

Located inside the Campus de los Desamparados in Orihuela, the building is area next to a lemon orchard with conditions of light, lack of rain and heat are really extreme, exceeding 40º C during the summer months. Laboratories and departments are grouped by a structure of interspersed rings, which contain a system of semi-outdoor courtyards connected with each other at different levels.

These rings are composed of three white plastic strips: the bottom one, in contact with the ground, is semi-transparent and porous, and lets you view the outside when you are sitting; the middle strip, very opaque and technical, leads the large volume of required facilities inside; and the last one, very diffuse, regulates the atmosphere and creates shadows, as a big cloud.

The semi-open courtyards become important meeting spaces, while allowing access to labs. In its technified semi-interior, conditions of light, humidity and temperature are locally modified by multiple infra-red and humidifiers.

Architects: SUBARQUITECTURA + J.M. Torres Nadal
Client: UMH – Universidad Miguel Hernández
Contractor: UTE ECISA + COMSA
Site Area: 1,954 sqm
Photographs: Juan de la Cruz Megías