Residence For A Briard Sustainable Prefab House in Culver City, California by Sander Architects

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Whitney Sander, the Sander Architects, LLC''s principal architect and founder, has originated a way of making residential buildings that is both very green and extremely efficient in terms of construction costs. He calls this Hybrid House: part prefab, all custom as each house is completely customized to each client.

The very first example of Hybrid House is the house called Residence for a Briard. The 3,800 squarefeet house has structural frames and exterior walls and roof made prefabricated off-site by warehouse manufacturers and shipped to the site in pieces on one flat-bed truck. All of that costs only $22,000, and when delivered it can be built in three weeks time, just by joining the parts like an erector set.

Once the dwell is complete all interior walls, systems and finishes are filled out in a conventional way. The resulting Hybrid House is therefore custom designed for the client, the site, and local codes, at a small fraction of standard construction cost. The completed cost of Residence for a Briard is $500,000, or $130/sf

Sander Architects aimed to create an eco-friendly Case Study House for the 21st Century using construction strategies that radically reduce standard construction costs for custom homes. These strategies include the use of prefabricated structural frames and components, which allows for a construction cost far lower than competing fully-prefab modern homes.

Architects: Sander Architects
Constructed Area: 353 sqm
Budget: US $500.000
Photographs: Sander Architects