Skansen Residences in Ringsted, Denmark by Dorte Mandrup

Skansen Residences Viewed From Distance Skansen Timber Materials Are Used As The Exterior Skansen Exterior Facade Look Of The Residence Skansen Internal Stairs With Timber Material Skansen Large Glass Windows On The Exterior Skansen Looking Outside Skansen Skylight View From The House Skansen Elevations Plan Scheme Skansen Elevations Plan Skansen First Floor Plan Skansen Second Floor Plan Skansen Section Aa Plan Skansen Section Bb Skansen Section Cc Plan Skansen Site Plan Scheme Skansen Situation Plan

The Skansen Residences construction comprises of 7 terrace houses, located in rows of 2 with respectively 3 and 4 housings, which distribute along a building line. The construction contains housings with 3 and 4 rooms, ranging from 96m2 to 130m2. Every housing has its own shed covered with the same material as the main building, and the houses at the end are equipped with private roof terrace.

The 2 levels of the terrace houses are split-levelled confining a mid zone that fastens an optimized utilization of the spaces, with a logical and functional distribution inside the housing. At the same time the split-levels provide an interesting spatial sequence and an ample environment in the relatively small accommodations.

The split-levels of the construction, both in the horizontal and vertical arrangements, emphasize the landscape’s descending grounds towards the open plain-like terrain, whilst carrying with them an almost sculptural expression.

Architect: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter Aps
Client: Brainstones Development ApS
Engineer: Lemming & Eriksson A/S
Construction Area: 790 sqm
Photographs: Adam Mørk