Small House Project - Rooftecture S in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan by Shuhei Endo

Rooftecture A Contemp House Design Rooftecture House Side View Rooftecture Indoor Lighting Rooftecture Outdoor Terrace Rooftecture Zap Section Longitude Rooftecture Zap Section Side Plan

Site has an elongated triangular form, 20m long east-west and 1.5m to 4.0m deep. A retaining wall of wedge shaped stones standing in the back, facing north. Height is difference between the ground and the northern approach range from 5m to 8m.

The main subject theme of this house has been about the archaic problem involving slopes and architecture. Maximizing the existing qualities that are the stone retaining wall in the back and the improved ground – that is, an extension of environmental attributes by means of reciprocal occupation between the slope and the architecture that is born when artificial elements are newly added.

Architects: Shuhei Endo
Location: Shioya Tarumi-ku
Principal use: House
Site Area: 130 sqm
Constructed Area: 65.7 sqm
Photographs: Shuhei Endo