Social Housing Apartment in Izola, Slovenia by OFIS arhitekti

Izola Apartment Exterior Facade Izola Apartment In Slovenia Izola Extruded Facade Izola Interior Stair

The project is a winning entry for two housing blocks in a competition convoked by the Slovenia Housing Fund, a government-run programme that is providing low-cost apartments for young families.

The proposal won for economic, rational and functional issues but mostly for the ratio between gross vs. saleable surface area and the flexibility of the plans. When signing the contract we were obliged to prepare construction documentation for the building cost 600€ per m2 of net surface area.

Architect: OFIS arhitekti
Location: Izola, Slovenia
Client: Slovenian Housing Fund and Community of Izola
Site Area: 2,294 sqm
Constructed Area: 5,452 sqm
Budget: 1,54 M EURO (US $2.42 M) /block
Photographs: Tomaz Gregoric