Tacna Hill Beach House in Cerro Tacna, Chile by dRN Arquitectos

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Architects Nicolás del Rio & Max Núñez from dRN Arquitectors have completed a Tacna Hill Beach House which is located on the Tacna Hill, an elevated Plateau, south of Maitencillo, a well known chilean beach resort. The plot it's amid a miscellanoeus group of houses, of all sizes, shapes and qualities. Due to it's narrow frontal dimension views among neighbours, do cross easily.

A Beach House must be a place to relax, where one could both rest and gather with friends. It must properly serve, both a simple couple, or a big bunch of unexpected visitors. Also, it must be a cosy off-season hideaway and at the same time, a great place for a Summer barbecue party.

It's here where exteriors become the right place to be, the long circulations occupy the extra time, and views to the Sky, the nearby Forest or to the Pacific Ocean, concentrate what's left of the visitor's mind.

Architects: dRN Arquitectos
Location: Cerro Tacna, Maitencillo, V Región, Chile
Collaborator: Olivier Tayeb
Structural Engineer: Enzo Valladares
Contractor: Eduardo Torreblanca

Site Area: 525 sqm
Constructed Area: 122 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Construction Year: 2007
Budget: US $770 / sqm
Photographs: Felipe Camus