Tanatorio Municipal de Leon by Jordi Badia + Josep Val

This Jordi Badia's building is conceived as a tomb of tombs. A completely buried construction, it eludes its volume and its signification in order to camouflage itself in the interstices of a too-close residential area. Past the threshold, the structural design of the main entrance conveys all the weight of a marble slab and the infinite thickness of its perimeter.

Architect: Jordi Badia /Josep Val
Location: León, Spain
Collaborators: Elena Valls, Tirma Balagué, Albert Cibiach , Marcos Catalán, Juan Carlos Castro, Frans Massana, Lorena Maristany, Rafael Berengena, Francesc Belart, Santi Vinuesa, Bárbara Camarero, Ginés Egea, Josep Martínez, Luis Victori, Sergi Serrat, Lluis Carreras, Jordi Mercadé

Structure: Eduard Doce, architect
Engineering Assistance: Mariano Fernández, José Manuel Pérez
Budget Consultant: Francesc Belart

Services: Consulting Lluís Duart
Client: SERFUNLE/Ayuntamiento de León
Photographs: Eugeni Pons