Top Towers in São Paulo, Brazil by Konigsberger Vannucchi

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This Königsberger Vannucchi's project demanded the design of two office towers in a terrain of relatively difficult occupation, because of its narrow and elongated shape. The opportunity to the design a new building in such a place also represented a great potential for the creation of a new landmark of great visibility in the city's skyline.

The two towers are composed by compact office rooms that could be united to each other by the owners in various different ways, thus producing almost infinite possibilities of area and shape for the final commercial units.

From this concern with the flexibility of the plans came the proposal of adopting multiple setbacks as the towers grew in height, so that there would be different floor models available; these setbacks would be mirrored in opposite directions in each tower, establishing a relation of formal tension between both.

The terraces were distributed along a game of displacements between the floors, creating a composition that at first might seem random, but, seen from a distance, reinforce the sensation of tension between both towers, such as fragments of an explosion spreading in opposite directions.

Architect: Königsberger Vannucchi - Jorge Königsberger and Gianfranco Vannucchi
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Site Area: 3,800 sqm
Constructed Area: 25,930 sqm
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti