Two Residential Buildings in Bogotá, Colombia by Giancarlo Mazzanti

Mazzanti A Multi Story Apartment Architecture Mazzanti Apartment Building From Side Mazzanti Bedroom Interior With City View Mazzanti Facade Texture With Sky View Mazzanti Facade Texture Mazzanti Front Exterior Stairs Mazzanti Front Facade View Photo Mazzanti Front Photo Mazzanti Inside To Outside View Mazzanti Interior Bathroom Mazzanti Interior Library Room Mazzanti Library Bookcase Furniture Mazzanti Library Room With Contemporary Furnishings Mazzanti Living Room Interior With Stairs Mazzanti Multi Story Building Mazzanti Stairs Interior Photo Mazzanti Stairs Interior Railing Photo Mazzanti Upper Level Apartment City View

Located on a residential neighborhood on the east side of the Bogotá city, this Giancarlo Mazzanti's design is formed by 7 stories tall adjacent buildings. The plot is long (45m) and thin (12m), but zoning requires 4m of separation, which ends up on a 35x8m useful area. This defined two apartments per floor, for the best views and daylight conditions.

The duplex apartments were developed as empty volumes to be occupied and designed according to the requirements of each client. Given that, apartments have an open plan, with service pipelines on the back that allow for the maximum flexibility to let each module to be treated as a complete autonomous element.

The project is developed as a traditional pillar/beam structure, with walls finished on white-bone concrete, brown stone floors and transparent and colored glass panels, that hide service zones to the outside. The first floor has a latticed wooden wall that uniforms, while giving character to, the entrance.

Architects: Giancarlo Mazzanti, Alejandro Castaño
Collaborators: Sergio Garzón, Alberto Aranda, Diana Vásquez
Contractor: CNB