Vila Joiosa Auditorium Theatre in Alicante, Spain by Arquitecturas Torres Nadal

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THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECT OF LA VILA JOIOSA IS ITS ABILITY TO BUILD ITSELF AS A PUBLIC PROJECT GENERATING A PUBLIC SPACE. Indeed, the volume of construction which requires the program of a large auditorium is huge. It is one of the programs with a greater volume to be inserted in the city.

And it is essentially, a horizontal volume. And generally, unless it falls into a capricious situation, the ideal is to be blind to avoid any kind of noise pollution.These three conditions: its huge volume of construction, its “dumb” condition and its generally horizontal condition, make of this a program that is inserted with difficulty in the city.…

UNLESS IT DOES NOT CREATE ITS OWN URBAN SPACE WHICH TRIES TO BELONG …It is like creating a circle of art and then enter it … We proceeded in this way to think and build the AUDITORIUM. An auditorium is a main program (hall + foyer) and a series of complementary programs generally in order of magnitude much smaller.

We combined them in a way that the smaller programs surrounded the main program, that they were organized in that “arm”. On the other hand they connected the two ends from the hall to the foyer, like a rolled whiting.

Architects: José Torres Nadal y Antonio Marquerie Tamayo
Collaborators: Christohp Schmid, Iván Capdevila, Andrés Silanes, Mabel Toledo, Leticia Ballester
Structural Engineering: BOMA, Agustí Obiol
Acoustical Engineering: Jaime Llinares, José Forteza
Promotor: Ayuntamiento de La Vila Joiosa