Villa 1 in the Netherlands by Powerhouse Company

Villa One A House In The Forest Villa One Diagram Ground Floor Villa One Entry Point For Vehicles Villa One Exterior Minimalist Shape Villa One Garage Indoor For Ferrari Villa One Glass Window Indoor Villa One Hout Blok Klein Villa One Interior Curtains Villa One Interior Entry View Villa One Interior Wall Decoratives Villa One Night View From Terrace Villa One Night View Windows Villa One Reflectioned Glass Walls Villa One Simpla Diagrammatic Plan Villa One Villa One Glass Walls Large

This first project of Powerhouse Company has Y plan that stretches the house into the site and provides large panoramic views on the surrounding scenery.

On the South and East sides, two large covered decks create sun shading in the summer and smooth the transition from outside to inside. In the basement the Y plan creates a clear division between the private quarters for the guests (with private entry through the patio), the garage and the master bedroom.

A singular frame envelopes the house, thus allowing for maximum transparency. The central area where all wings meet is the heart of the house. It is a large space that serves as entrance hall, dining room, bar and music-room.

All mass is concentrated in a central core: a piece of furniture that contains all services and structural elements and that simultaneously creates different rooms within the entirely glazed space. These large pieces of furniture allow for a free flowing distribution of functions without creating closed off rooms. It is thus possible to enjoy a pleasant stroll longer than 150 m through a variety of rooms immersed in the landscape.

Architects: Powerhouse Company
Project Team: Nanne de Ru, Charles Bessard, Alexander Sverdlov, Nolly Vos, Wouter Hermanns, Anne Luetkenhues, Bjørn Andreassen, Joe Matthiessen
Structural Engineer: BREED ID, Gilbert van der Lee
Contractor: Valleibouw BV Veenendaal
Lighting: LS2 and BEDA electro
Photographs: Powerhouse Company